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Christmas Holidays 2021

The holidays are upon us and we know that often means your service and support needs will change. Or maybe you're a planner and want to get a jumpstart on organising 2022? 

The below should cover most questions that might come up, and provide some guidance and reassurance about engaging our team now and into next year.

Can I adjust supports during the holiday period?

Absolutely! We understand that you may have different needs through the holidays.


Whether it's a bit of a change in focus or a change to the timing or frequency of sessions, the most efficient way to organise shifts is to discuss your requirements directly with your assigned support worker(s) to find mutually suitable times.

Don't forget that all sessions are a minimum of 2 hours and weekends & public holidays will incur higher fees.

Costs also apply for travel ($0.85 per km).

How do expenses for activities work?

There are a few considerations when it comes to covering the costs of activities:

1. Budget? It's important to note that most costs are not covered by NDIS so best to agree on a budget and inclusions (e.g. lunch) upfront. Many venues provide free or discounted tickets/pricing for support workers/carers. 

2. Who will pay? Your support worker can cover costs and then be reimbursed by you directly or through us. Our staff are responsible for the cost of their own meals but you will need to cover the cost of entry/ticket fees for staff.

Can I rebook my tutor for next year?

We hope so, but, this is often a bittersweet time of year as it's inevitable that a handful (or 2) of our team will move on to other employment after completing their studies.

We have a big team and have been busy recruiting amazing new staff so we're confident we can continue to provide top quality support even if your current tutor is no longer available.

We'll be in touch if changes need to be made to your service.

Tutoring rates for 2022

Increasing fees is never easy and we certainly don't take the decision to do so lightly but in 2022, tutoring sessions will see a small price increase for many of our existing clients.

Since July, we've absorbed the mandatory wage and superannuation increases for staff to ease the cost for families, but from 1 January 2022, our price for all tutoring sessions will increase to $90 +GST ($99) for each 90-minute session.

Can I book support on Public Holidays?

Some plan-managed NDIS participants may not have funding that covers the higher rates that apply on public holidays.

Please check in with us if you'd like to book support on any of the upcoming public holidays:

  • Christmas Day - Sat 25 Dec

  • Boxing Day - Sun 26 Dec

  • Christmas Day Observed - Mon 27 Dec

  • Boxing Day Observed - Tues 28 Dec

  • New Years Day - Sat 1 Jan

  • New Year Holiday - Mon 3 Jan

  • Australia Day - Wed 26 Jan

Does tutoring continue through the holidays?

Most people will take a break from tutoring through the holidays and recommence in week 1 or 2 of term 1.

If you're keen to organise a few tutoring sessions in the week or two leading up to school recommencing though, please chat with your MindSprout tutor about their availability. 

Don't forget to share your child's latest school report and NAPLAN with us - you can upload them to your personal Client Board. If you don't know how to access your Client Board, drop us an email:

I need to put my service on hold, how do I do this?

No worries! 


Whether you're taking a short break, going on holiday or need to place supports on hold until further notice, please feel free to discuss this with your assigned MindSprout team member.

You can also drop us a quick email to let us know:

If you want to discuss options with us, please give us a call before we break on 22 December.

Office closure details

Bec's in the office until Wednesday 22 December and we'll all be back in the office on Monday 17 January. Payroll and invoicing will continue as normal.


If you need us, please email the team - and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

If it's an urgent matter, please text or call us:

  • Jean - 0455 909 267

  • Michelle - 0455 909 367