Coronavirus Statement - 25 March

Last night, the Australian Government announced further measures and restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus. These come into effect from midnight tonight. While our services haven’t been identified explicitly as a service that must close or cease, for the health, safety and wellbeing of clients and staff, we have made the following decision regarding our TUTORING service:

Effective Thursday 26 March, all tutoring will move online.  Staff will create a Zoom host account and provide clients with information about how to join the meeting. We’ve been trialling Zoom with a few staff and clients already, and feedback so far is that it’s easy to use for primary and high school students alike. Online may be the only way tutoring can be conducted for some time, so we’ll use the next few weeks as an opportunity to learn and grow. At the end of the school term, we’ll reach out for feedback about your experiences so we can adapt as necessary for Term 2. We’re conscious there may be a few teething problems as we navigate a new format for our tutoring service, but we’re committed to making it work. We ask for patience and understanding from everyone as we all get used to using a new system. If you prefer to suspend tutoring at this point, please inform your tutor as soon as possible and confirm via email to us - As we’ve said previously, we will provide credits for any unused sessions that have already been paid. Right now, our Disability Support Services continue for clients who need support. This may change, and we’ll continue to follow all appropriate advice and instructions as provided by the Government.  On a personal note, to say these are unprecedented times feels like a huge understatement, but perhaps there isn’t a way to put the current situation into words appropriately. What we can put into words though is our appreciation to our fantastic team and loyal clients. THANK YOU! We are truly grateful for the support we’ve received from staff and clients alike.  We’ll ride this out one way or another, and we’ll come out the other side of it stronger than ever; as people, as friends, as parents, as employers, as service providers and as gritty business owners! 

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