Coronavirus Statement - 18 March

Further to our statement below from 16 March, we’re today pleased to hear from the Prime Minister’s address that while life for the next six months or more will be far from ‘normal’, we’re being encouraged to continue with business as usual as much as is possible and practical.

While we remain committed to continuing our tutoring and disability support services for children and families, we acknowledge that some changes to how our employees and our clients interact will need to change. Specifically, social distancing and hygiene protocols must be adhered to by everyone as much as possible and practical.

As we’ve said previously, the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients is our number one priority.

We’re asking all our clients to make available for staff entering their homes:

  • Adequate space for sessions to be conducted

  • Soap and or hand sanitiser for everyone to use at commencement and completion of sessions

It’s also imperative that clients inform us if anyone in the family/home has recently returned from overseas, been asked to self-isolate or been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Services cannot continue in these circumstances until a medical clearance certificate is supplied.

We are sharing a ‘Dealing with Coronavirus in the Workplace Policy’ with all our staff today. This policy will be in effect immediately and covers:

  • General infection control measures

  • Guidance for what employee obligations are if they contract or are exposed to Coronavirus

  • Guidance on employee obligations if/when travelling internationally

  • Business continuity measures that are, or may be, necessary

We understand there is a lot of uncertainty and unrest right now, and advice from the Government is changing rapidly. We are moving as quickly as we can to implement necessary changes within our organisation. We’re seeking your help as clients and team members to practice good judgement, be open with communications and be unafraid to share your concerns regarding our services with each other and with us.

For our clients, we are currently not imposing cancellation fees; however, we do ask that you provide as much notice and information as possible if you intend to cancel sessions. Similarly, we expect our staff to communicate any absences with both clients and us in a timely and open manner.

If it is practical to do so, we support the use of technology including facetime, skype or Facebook messenger along with the client board on to conduct tutoring sessions if face to face is not an available option.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates via our Facebook page if and when necessary. Please like and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.

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